Hey! My name is Taras, I am a 2nd year Groover. It was the combination of jazz, an open atmosphere and enough music lovers that convinced me to become a member. I can be found at the building evening almost every Wednesday, where I especially enjoy the live music, catching up with friends and experiencing all kinds of things. Last year I was a member of the MupCie (first-year activities committee), where I learned how a committee works and organized all kinds of activities, such as a family day and an award show.

I also enjoyed many activities such as Grooverdinner, Members Weekend and SneuWee. Now in my second year, I am a mentor myself, organize the SneuWee and take photos for the association. I have found my people at Groover, and I am always welcomed with live jazz and fun.

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Taras Muravskiy
Taras Muravskiy
Taras Muravskiy

D.S.J.V Groover

Brabantse Turfmarkt 9
2611 CK Delft

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