I'm Jasper, it's my second year with the association and I enjoy it a little more every week. I'm at Groover every week, and it's always laughing, screaming and jamming. Have a nice drink every week at the panda evening with always a fun theme and different shinenigans. Enjoy dancing and enjoying the best Groover Combos at the jazz club, dining at a high culinary level (wines (yum)) at the Groover dinner and of course the fun at the number 1 Groover event of the year: LeWe! At Groover I met a lot of people and made a lot of friends, all under the influence of jazz! I was a member of the LeWe Committee that organized the members' weekend.

I was able to do this with top committee members who always made it super fun! and I learned a lot from it too!

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Jasper van Gaalen
Jasper van Gaalen
Jasper van Gaalen

D.S.J.V Groover

Brabantse Turfmarkt 9
2611 CK Delft

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