Heemels Trio

Heemels Trio

Eigen Werk

With a drummer who normally plays rock, a funky bass player and a pianist who can only play jazz, the Heemels trio creates a fusion of Scandinavian jazz, classical and a touch of hip-hop. While playing, the listener is taken on a journey with dreamy melodies that slowly build up to heavy interludes that seem to have originated from an underground discotheque.

Band having fun jamming
Band having fun jamming
Band having fun jamming
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  • Alexander Heemels
  • Stijn van den Elshout
  • Gijs van Gasteren
  • Keys
  • Bas
  • Drums


For bookings please email to boekingen@grooverjazz.nl

D.S.J.V Groover

Brabantse Turfmarkt 9
2611 CK Delft

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