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Saluto! We are Carabinieri! A 5 piece swing jazz band with an Italian flair. Our band consists of a double bass player, drummer, guitarist, pianist and a flugelhorn. This allows us to create a wonderfully jazzy and mellow sound in which we play different genres. Think of bebop, bossa or some crazier songs always with a catchy swing. It doesn't even stop there, we also write songs of different genres and expand our repertoire considerably. We can be deployed anywhere, think of a quiet background atmosphere or a catchy fast listening concert in a jazz bar on 52nd street, everything is possible!

Band having fun jamming
Band having fun jamming
Band having fun jamming
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  • Jelle Zwart
  • Tom van den Wijngaard
  • Bram Lelieveldt
  • Dirk van Zuijlen
  • Raphael van Gennip
  • Flugelhorn
  • Gitaar
  • Toetsen
  • Contrabas
  • Drums


  • 1.

    Polar AC

    Freddie Hubbard

  • 2.

    Full House

    Wes Montgomery

  • 3.

    Affogato di Cortado

    Tom van den Wijngaard

  • 4.

    There will never be another you

    Chet Baker

  • 5.

    Eigen werk

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