BUNKER consists of a bunch of stage animals, come together with a common passion for brass, EDM and rave music. Separately, our four band members have already performed in places like; Montreux Jazz, Oerol, Paradiso and Afas Live. Now we are ready to bring down the stages together. We do this with almost exclusively our own work, written from only one vision: the experience of the dancing masses. BUNKER is exactly what you want to go all out at a festival. The tight drum beats and the steel baritone provide the foundation, the sultry and heavy keys mix like concrete between everything and the brass anti-aircraft guns do the rest: bang and pound!

Band having fun jamming
Band having fun jamming
Band having fun jamming
Band having fun jamming
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  • Trombone
  • Trompet
  • Bariton saxofoon
  • Drums
  • Keys
  • Luuk Eeftink
  • Bart Kroese
  • Koen Ruijgrok
  • Hidde van de Rhee
  • Daan Juurlink


For bookings please email to boekingen@grooverjazz.nl

D.S.J.V Groover

Brabantse Turfmarkt 9
2611 CK Delft

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